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What’s This For ($WTF) is a transformative cryptocurrency initiative developed on the BaseChain, designed to seamlessly integrate the worlds of blockchain and real-world asset (RWA) lotteries. Our mission is to democratize access to unique asset winnings and create an ecosystem that supports both growth and sustainability for our token holders.

$WTF is not just another digital currency; it is a platform aimed at revolutionizing participation in asset lotteries by making it more accessible, fair, and beneficial for all users. By leveraging the BaseChain’s capabilities, $WTF offers a dependable, scalable solution for real-world asset integration into the digital economy.

Our innovative approach includes a dynamic tax system designed to optimize liquidity and reward token holders while discouraging unfair practices such as bot activity. We believe in creating a balanced economic model that supports continuous growth and user engagement through our lottery-based rewards system.

This system enables $WTF holders to buy entries for lotteries that offer tangible prizes, with a structure in place to ensure a fair distribution of rewards. A significant portion of the revenue generated through these lotteries will be used to fund further development, ensure operational maintenance, and reward our community with stablecoin dividends.

At What’s This For, we are committed to building a robust platform that not only enhances how individuals interact with blockchain technology but also paves the way for a future where digital and real-world assets are interlinked more closely than ever before.

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Total Supply: 1 Billion Tokens (1,000,000,000)
Token Name: What’s This For
Ticker: $WTF
Chain: BASE (ETH)
Presale Goal: $90k (30ETH) to $150k (50ETH) 
Starting Liquidity: $45k - $75k (50% of Raised Funds)
Market Cap at Launch: $333,333
Token Price at Launch: $0.00033333
Token Price at Presale: $0.00030000
Extra Presale Bonus: 10% extra first $75,000. 

Executive Summary

What’s This For ($WTF) is a revolutionary Token on the BaseChain (an Ethereum-compatible blockchain) focused on integrating blockchain technology with real-world asset (RWA) lotteries. $WTF token aims to democratize access to unique asset winnings while offering a robust reward and partnership structure that benefits all token holders involved. The $WTF ecosystem uses a unique tax and cooldown strategy to maintain healthy liquidity and ensure fair participation in its Lottery Based System among all holders.

13.50% Liquidity Pool
30% Presale
3% DEV Team
6% Marketing / Expansion
12% CEX Reserve (HoldBack)
9.50% Partnerships & More
5% Staking 
5% Farm
12% Rewards Treasury (Ecosystem)

Taxation System

- Initial Phase (first 4 hrs from Launch): 
0% Buy Tax, 20% Sell Tax.
- Post-Initial Phase (4 hrs after Launch): 
0% Buy Tax, 15% Sell Tax.
- Secondary Phase (8 hrs after Launch): 
0% Buy Tax, 10% Sell Tax.
- Stable Phase: (24hrs after Launch): 
5% Buy Tax, 5% Sell Tax.
Helps maintain the projects liquidity intake and utility sustainability. 


Launch Protection

5 Block Cooldown: This mechanism is in place to prevent bots and snipers from manipulating the price immediately after launch. Transactions made before the end of the cooldown period will result in a loss of funds, discouraging malicious activities.

Entry System

Each entry will be purchasable in BASE ETH, with a set limitation on the number of entries per holder & per event to ensure fairness.

Strategic Goals

1. Expand User Base: Through aggressive marketing and partnership strategies.
2. Sustain Liquidity: With a carefully structured tax system post-launch and WPT Syndication Partnership.
3. Reward Holders: Implement a revenue-sharing model that incentivizes long-term holding and participation in RWA lotteries.
4. Enhance Usability: Develop and refine the DApp for an intuitive user experience that integrates seamlessly with existing blockchain ecosystems.


RWA (Real-World Assets) Lottery Based System. 
WTF introduces a decentralized application (DApp) leveraging the utility of the token through a Lottery Based Rewards System and Rev-Share Program. This platform will allow token holders to purchase multiple entries for ongoing lottery events featuring real-world assets and more. 

DApp Revenue Distribution

- 30%: RWA (Real World Assets) Treasury: In collaboration with WPT Investing Corp, these funds will be used to provide a Syndication Pool that brings revenue share back to $WTF holders in the form of Stablecoin. 
- 20%: CEX Listings and Token Maintenance: Ensures the token's presence on major exchanges and upkeep of operational needs.
- 50%: Prizes, Rewards and Giveaways: Directly used for funding the RWA lotteries.

Our Vision

$WTF aims to reshape how individuals interact with real-world assets through blockchain technology, providing a transparent, fair, and rewarding system. With its strategic token distribution, innovative tax system, and engaging lottery platform, $WTF is positioned to become a pivotal player in bridging the gap between digital currencies and tangible assets.

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